La Rioja

Situation: No regulated, in process.

Regulatory institution:
Administración de Juegos de Azar de la provincia de La Rioja

The Provincial Administration of Gaming of the Province of La Rioja (Ajalar) signed an agreement this week with the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos State Society (IPLyC SE). The Argentine province of La Rioja seeks to install online gaming in the territory, and that is why a reciprocity agreement was secured with Misiones to market games of chance.

The Misiones Lottery has its own online gaming platform, GuazuBet. Héctor Rojas Decut, the president of the IPLyC SE, commented that they met with Ajalar in order to inform their peers in La Rioja about the reciprocity agreements they have with other provinces, as well as about the online gaming platform.